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We at Airdonex are happy to introduce our new venture, i.e. AirUTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management - UTM) which is a cloud based software to license, authorise, navigate, control & monitor the cluster of autonomous drones in our Airspace. Our stakeholders are Drone Hobbyists, Drone Film Makers, Survey & Mapping Service Providers, Government & Military Drones, Delivery Drone Operators (BVLOS)

  • Our drone industry is the recent rising industry with all possibilities of becoming common delivery agents and other emergency services. To make this possibility into reality, an Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management System is extremely essential. Our Indian Government is establishing a proper set of rules & regulations, UTM Policies & BIS Standards for drones to strengthen our air infrastructure. UTM is going to carve the path for us to speed the race.

  • This venture is not simple and will require a long time to perfect as the industry is still growing but our efforts will always be to evolve at the pace at which the market does. This will depend on various factors like drone rules & regulations, military operations and UTM policies. We intend to build our product according to present DGCA regulations and continue developing them to ensure that it not just meets their standards, but exceeds them.

  • We offer pay per use plans with a flat fee for each flight which will be suitable for both individual and commercial drone operators to use our platform and we help users with drone licensing, documentation by a hassle-free procedure for a minimal cost along with the basic registration cost of DGCA (DigitalSky) & the Airport Authority of India (AAI).

  • AirUTM is an innovation with a lot of scope and if given the chance, can grow into something huge. Looking at the extent of plans the world has for drones, it is the best time to look into a system that will be integral in its future.
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