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Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

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Our Story

Airdonex is an aviation technology startup by a group of friends who wanted to build something beyond their imagination. We are now comprised of a talented team of researchers, engineers, students, designers and drone enthusiasts tied together by a passion for aviation. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the problems in the airspace.

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UTM Ecosystem

UTM or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management is a system to automate the navigation and control of UAVs in the air.

UTM safely integrates drones and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into the airspace as efficiently as possible and ensures the smooth functioning of all the flight operations which are autonomously controlled.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can be used for missions beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) by employing UTM to safely navigate its route.

AirUTM is needed to license, authorise, navigate, control & monitor the cluster of autonomous drones in our Airspace

What We Do

We offer smart saas solutions
for your flight missions

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Identity & Authentication

AirUTM ensures flight data management alongside getting RPAS UIN, Pilot License and issuing of tokens for flight permissions.

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Path Planning

AirUTM plans the path of the flight operations in the most shielded way using Real-time Identification and Tracking (RIT).

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Conflict Management System

It uses strategic & dynamic deconfliction methods to integrate human intellect with automation, reducing airborne conflicts.

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It ensures that the UAV adheres to the National Airspace Map and sends all real-time location-based information.

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It uses communication between aircrafts and UTM Service Providers for optimum safety during flight operations.

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Cloud GCS

It integrates the drones with the National Airspace System and gets real-time telemetry data from it.

Our Pricing Plan

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  • 1 Drone Per User
  • Authorisation From Digital Sky
  • Dynamic Geofencing Map
  • Multidevice Support
  • Live Airspace Updates
  • Dedicated Helpline
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  • Everything from Hobbyist
  • Multiple Drones Per User
  • Optional Pay Per Use Pricing
  • Cloud based GCS
  • Drone Health Monitoring
  • Drone Insurance Support
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  • Everything from Professional
  • BVLOS Operations Management
  • Multiple Access Levels
  • Pay Per Use Pricing
  • Real Time Drone Updates
  • Emergency Landing Pads

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